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YTS Storage System Sdn Bhd aim to make high quality storage racking, shelving system and material handling services that best available to meets industrial warehouses’ and corporate storage demand.

Warehouse Storage Racking 


To provide superior quality racking systems and warehouse storage racking services that our customers would highly recommend to their business associates, our employees are proud of YTS products and after-sales services.

To accomplish our mission, we have a well-established organization of outstanding and well-performing employees, who are responsible and experienced in expanding their abilities which will lead YTS Storage System Sdn Bhd. 

Quality Policy

We focus our minds in key fundamental principles that has become foundations of our company:

Superior Quality, Safe, Convenient and Trustworthy.

Our high quality products and professional services keeps our name on the forefronts of customer’s minds. The production and manufacturing process of pallet racks have always been one of our most important core competencies over the years. YTS Storage System now manufactures an extensive range of pallet racking and shelving systems.