Light Duty Boltless Racking System

Small industrial spare parts and light item such as electronic parts, inventory and apparels can be stored in light duty boltless rack. Our high quality shelving systems have been manufacture to fit all your storage needs. From light duty household shelving to industrial shelving and heavy warehouse racking, we provide a wide range of storage solutions.

We make installing light duty boltless racking system easy, so that you can install and dismantle at any time you wish. Boltless Racking System optimizes the use of horizontal space on storing large or long items such as aluminium extrusions. The storage racking system is specially constructed using our proprietary pallet racking components, thus it is adaptable and flexible for future expansion.  Light Duty Racking System is suitable to be used in both indoors and outdoors.  You can utilise long span light duty racking system in almost any location and purpose; be it as shelving racking, long span racking, multi-tier and also high-rise installations.

YTS Boltless Racking system is economical and hassle-free from unpacking to installation. The boltless system offers a variety of selection, which will be able to cater different weight and storage requirement. Most importantly, our boltless racking system is an expandable racking system, thus expandable with your existing YTS boltless racking system. If you would like to relocate your warehouse or store, our boltless racking system can be dismantling in a short period of time. Our light duty racking system is commonly use in the market, it is cost savings for your entire warehouse storage systems.

Boltless Rack
Boltless Rack c/w Wiremesh
Boltless Rack with Metal Shelf
Pigeon Hole Boltless Rack
Hamper Rack
Trolley Rack
Boltless Racking