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YTS Storage System Sdn Bhd

Customized Storage Planning

YTS warehouse storage and racking systems solution can be customized specially for clients and adapted on-site regardless it is a new start up project, an integration warehouse or relocation. We have more than 14 years of practical experience to design a storage racking system and shelving layout in maximizing your warehouse space. Storage racking planning and layout is an invaluable process to effectively use every available square foot of storage space – both vertical and horizontal.

If your warehouse storage and industrial racking systems are installed without careful pre-planning, the whole process can cause a substantial & costly waste of usable floor space. We provide recommendations on the ideal racking systems layout to optimize your storage space, racking products and operations while assessing your building structure, access points and the flow of goods in and out of your operations center.

Warehouse Planning Consulting Services

Your production site and warehouse are key elements of your business operations. Inefficient storage systems that are not properly planned can cause shutdowns and delays to your business. Our storage rack planning consultants will conduct warehouse storage efficiency audit checks to access the effectiveness of your storage capabilities. There will also be material/goods flow efficiency reviews provided before we submit our recommended storage layout design proposal.

Racking Systems &
Layout Design

Our racking system design and layout planning service including for all types of racking-related equipment, such as timber or mesh decking and racking system protection. YTS Storage recognizes that each warehouse, racking system specification, or storage space is unique and these are reflected in our layout design and storage design quotation. Before we start designing a racking system layout, our experienced technical personnel will provide an on-site survey and advice on storage system design & layout, equipment, and safety viewpoints.