Medium Duty Racking System

Medium duty racking system is commonly used in storage and shelving solution; it is ideal for storing long and extended steel piping, wood, timber and over-sized objects. Medium Duty racking systems are recommended for industrial usage as they are specifically designed to handle medium to heavy loads and oddly shaped product materials. Our medium duty racking system maximizes storage capabilities and it comes with an effortlessly and handy storage design that is perfect for broad ranges of industries in Malaysia. Medium Duty Racking System by YTS Storage Rack are also perfectly suitable for steel, building materials, pallets, doors, furniture, hardwood flooring, rolls of carpet and other construction materials.

Longspan shelving system is one of our core product, it is designed with speed and fast access in mind, subsequently maximising every possible storage capacity. Our exclusive longspan shelving system is one of the most demanded medium duty racking system for mainstream businesses in Malaysia. At YTS Storage System, we committed in storage product research and development, thus produces the high quality medium duty racking. Our longspan shelving rack is suitable for medium to large sized loads and items as all our products were built with customers in mind. All our racking products are sprayed with long-lasting epoxy finishing thus increases the lifespan of the durable rack system. The load capacity of this system is between 400-1000 kg, therefore YTS Longspan Shelving Rack System are suitable for most of the warehouse and cargo storage needs. Regardless of your business requirement, we can assure you, our storage racks will be able to meet your requirement.

Height1200mm - 6000mm
Depth400mm - 1550mm
Length900mm - 3600mm
Decking Material12mm / 18mm Plywood
Beam Open Beam
Loading Capacity400 kilograms to 1 tonne / UDL per level
Color Frame set (Fury Blue), Open Beam (Orange)