Mezzanine Floor

The raised heavy duty mezzanine floor from YTS Storage System is designed to increase the floor space within your building. Our professional team members are experience in planning and doubling your floor space without much alteration in existing premises. The core structure of Heavy Duty Mezzanine floor system is built using industrial standard pallet racking and combines with additional accessories such as staircases, hand rails and safety gates.

We understand that different business has its own storage requirement. YTS has designed various customised storage solution to meet different condition. Feel free to contact our consultation team for building made to order heavy duty mezzanine floor. Our racking system is 100% safe  and certified by SIRIM QAS.

  • Increase your existing floor areas
  • Custom design to suit your existing space and products to be stored
  • Steel grating quality and triboard up to 36mm thickness
  • Equipped with Stairs, loading dates and hand rails
  • Available in Multitiered floors
Boltless Rack c/w Top Flooring
Heavy Duty Boltless Rack
Long Span Shelving c/w Platform
Rack Supported Platform
Steel Grating Platform
Multi-Tier Heavy Duty Shelving System
Heavy Duty Shelving Rack c/w Top Flooring