Heavy Duty Longspan Shelving Rack

Longspan Shelving Racking System is designed for medium to targte loads or items which need a wide span between frames / uprights to store the products.

There are various frames heights and depths with different weight loading capacity, which allows us to design the system to exact requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Metal or Plywood shelf at all levels
  • Recommended for factories with good weighting > 800kg – 4000kg but without the availability of handling equipment.
  • Allows manual rearranging of goods
  • Suitable for use in hypermarkets and in various small and medium industries


YTS Heavy Duty Longspan Shelving Rack is perfect for broad, heavy storage usage which is widely uses by industrial manufacturing plants, warehouse factories, and building suppliers throughout Malaysia. Heavy Duty Longspan Shelving Rack is ideal when other racking would be under great strain. Heavy Duty Longspan Shelving Racks are particularly for the storage of larger items with a loading capacity of up to 1,000kg per arm. Heavy Duty Longspan Shelving system can be utilized for non-standard sized products storage. At obtainable heights of up to 9m, YTS Storage System’s Heavy Duty Longspan Shelving Rack systems are adjustable at 75mm pitch for single or double entry.

At YTS Storage, we are accountable to provide high quality Heavy Duty Longspan Shelving Rack to our clients. Our Heavy Duty Longspan Shelving Rack is exclusively manufactured and to withstand a superb heavy and tough industrial loads between 1000kg – 5000kg/ UDL (Uniformly Distributive Load).

On-time delivery is always our main concern. We are able to schedule and deliver the best quality Heavy Duty Longspan Shelving Rack system to all nationwide business needs.

Height : 1200mm to 12000mm

Depth  : 400mm to 1550mm

Length   : 900mm to 4100mm

Decking Material :12mm / 18mm / 25mm Plywood

Beam  : Box Beam

Loading Capacity  :1 tonne to 5 tonnes / UDL per level

Colour  : Frame set (Fury Blue), Box Beam (Orange)